The company 'V. S. - Vassilis Spiliopoulos SA' has been for more than 30 years the symbol of development and evolution in the awning and shading systems sector. With a wide range of carefully selected products, it also provides specialised services and operates ultramodern tarpaulin seaming units, PVC and clear PVC welding units as well as an organised distribution network.


"V. S. - Vassilis Spiliopoulos" SA has a years-long cooperation with renowned foreign companies and preeminent commercial enterprises and artisanships in Greece, providing thus the highest quality at attractive prices. SomfyHellas, Sattler, SA SalerSAS, MEtaform SA, PolypanGroyp AE, Aluminium SA Papadakis, K. Floros SA, are some of our powerful, stable and enduring partnerships.


In the context of its continuous development and improvement of its services, "V. S. - Vassilis Spiliopoulos SA" is continuously on the quest for new partnerships and products, develops innovative actions and implements pioneering systems in order to meet modern needs, respond to current economic conditions and technological trends and meet international environmental protection standards.

A wide range of tarpaulins, shade and outdoor covering products for every need and for every style!